Career Oportunities

At Sprout Psychology, we are a close-knit team, home to warm and passionate therapists who aspire to bring difference to individuals and families.

With many years of experience added together, coming from different backgrounds, working with different settings and countries, we are a strong growing force in the industry. 

Actively participating in the community and holding an open-minded, reflective approach to our intervention and assessments, we have become well-known to referrers and clients for our specialty in Neurodiversity Affirmative Practice and acing in neurodivergence assessments.

We have a great paediatric team of two child and clinical psychologists, and our play therapist. While our waiting list number soars to over a hundred, we seek to expand the team with the following roles offered:

  • Allied Health Assistant - Training to provide child-centred intervention and therapy support utilizing Learn To Play Therapy, Art Therapy and parenting support.

  • Child Psychologist - Required to complete assessments up to high professional standards. Our director supervises internal and a growing number of external psychologists and provisional psychologists for their assessment reports, earning the reputation of an assessment expert in autism. She collaborates with the clinician and support them through all assessment reports.


We have a smaller adolescent and adult's team. While the demand for autism assessments in adults has grown immensely over the years, we seek to expand the team and Sprout Psychology is offering the following positions:

  • Assessment Psychologist - To assess adults suspecting autism. This role will be an employed role with internal support from our director, who specializes in NDIS applications for autism and has experience with legal matters related to autistic individuals, such as the Victims of Crime and Workcover.

  • Counselling Psychologist - To thoroughly (or has the disire to develop a strong understanding to) support autistic individuals' emotional regulation, confidence, and in their relationships and occupations.

Our office holds up-to-date and comprehensive test kits (nothing stops our director from buying tools and kits) including:

  • ADOS-2

  • MIGDAS-2


  • BASC-3, BRIEF-A, BRIEF-P, BRIEF-2, Vineland-3

  • SRS-2, SPM-2

  • LEITER-3 

We have an extensive library of books, fidget tools, games, and art materials (children, adolescents, and adults, including parents, love them).

We welcome 5+1 provisional psychologists and early career psychologists to our team. 

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